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Hello Friends, This is Aashish Singh Negi from Mumbai. I natively belong to Uttarakhand. I completed my engineering in Information Technology from Sinhgad Institute,Lonavla Of Pune University. I love Programming......... I know some programming languages like C,C++,Visual Basic,C#,SQL,etc. and work upon various technologies like ASP .NET,Silverlight 3.0,Silverlight 4 Beta, Microsoft Pivot, Photosynth,Deep Zoom, Azure Cloud Computing, etc. I love techno topic very much.Love to watch videos of new technologies(softwares,hardwares,etc) launched by different companies............

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Silverlight Tutorials .... A new initiative to spread the LIGHT !!!


Hey guys i am now uploading some of the tutorials - the pdf onto my SkyDrive so that everyone would be able to download it from the web and learn Silverlight and other technologies .....


Topics covered till now :

  • Creating a SketchFlow Application
  • Element to Element Binding in SL3 Application
  • Database Connectivity using RIA
  • Silverlight Business Application
  • Silverlight Navigation Application
  • DeepZoom and Silverlight
  • Making Your Application run Out-of-Browser


I will be covering some more topics in my future blogs and tutorials like

  • Using DataForms in Silverlight Applications
  • Using Actions and Behaviours
  • More About SketchFlow Projects
  • Integrating Your Silverlight page with Windows AZURE
  • and some other features of Silverligt.


How can u get the tutorials ?

Its very simple ..... just visit My Live Space. There is a folder by name "Silverlight Tutorials".

Open the folder and download the required PDF.

I have also uploaded the Projects which i show in the Tutorials. you can download them also.

Waiting for suggestions and replies from all of you ....

- Aashish Singh Negi


Twitter @aashishnegi


Visit my Cloud Application at http://aashishsingh.cloudapp.net/ . I will soon blog about how to create a Windows Azure Cloud Application and how to deploy it to the Cloud.

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