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Saturday, April 18, 2009

DeepZoomPix - A New & Interactive Way to SHARE & EXPLORE Photos ...


Hello Friends ..... All of u have must seen the old DeepZoom Online Composer - "PhotoZoom".

Now the old service of Photozoom has been replaced by a newer one - "DeepZoomPix"

  • Go and visit DeepZoomPix WebSite to experience the new technology ....
  • You will get a Welcome Screen on this site ... Click On "Get Started"
  • SignIn with your Windows LiveID. If you have used the PhotoZoom service just signin with the same ID to get the previous albums you have uploaded.
  • Now you get a screen where you can see all your previous albums, add photos, etc
  • Click on any of the album or Click on "Add Photos" to add new photos.
  • After adding the photos just click on the Album you want to start with .
  • You will get a new screen "Deep Zoom View" . Just hover your mouse over the area where the Photos are shown and you will get a new window to customize the view of your photos.
  • You get an option of putting Tags to photos, Change the Layout, etc.
  • Click on "Share" to get a code you can add to your blog or your web page to embedd a DeepZoomPix control onto your site, blog, etc.

What are the key user experience features of DeepZoomPix?

Seamless navigation:
DZP enables the seamless exploration of albums of photographs. Users can navigate the photographs using mouse or keyboard and zoom into them to see them at their highest resolution. Users never wait to reload a page – the entire experience is fluid.

Layout options:
Arrange images in different ways including by in a calendar style view by date.

Dynamic filtering:
Tagged images can be filtered interactively with live updates to the displayed set of images and you can add your own tags to images.

Interactive slideshow:
Users can zoom into and pan around images while they are playing a slideshow. Slide timings are customizable and navigation can be controlled using the keyboard.

Import photos from the web:
DZP can access images stored in other services on the web. If you are a Facebook user, the DeepZoomPix Facebook application enables you import your public Facebook galleries into DZP. If you are a Flickr user, DZP can use the Flickr API to import your Flickr photos. Finally, if your photo service provides RSS feeds containing JPEGs, DZP can use those too.

Shareable mini-viewer:
Embed your slideshow in your blog or website, or send to a friend using the DZP mini-viewer.

What are the key architecture components of DeepZoomPix?

There are four main architectural components:

Image Ingestion:
Import images from the user’s local file system, Facebook, Flickr API or RSS feed. This takes place on the server.

Tile Processing:
Imported images are sliced into tiles for use by the Silverlight Deep Zoom technology.

Image Storage and Retrieval:
Tiles are stored as blobs using the Windows Azure Services Platform, specifically Windows Azure Storage.

Client Viewer:
Silverlight application for managing and viewing images.

Which technologies does DeepZoomPix use?

DeepZoomPix is a technology demonstration designed to show three technologies: use of Microsoft Silverlight to create a rich interactive UX for exploring images, the Silverlight Deep Zoom technology and Windows Azure Services Platform.

Goto DeepZoomPix FAQ to checkout more queries on DeepZoomPix.

*** DeepZoomPix is a technology demonstration that will be available until December 31st, 2009.

Get started by importing your own photos and prepare to be amazed!