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Friday, November 14, 2008

Get Started With Silverlight .........

Hey All My friends (FE,SE,TE,MCA) from SIT Lonavla ........ I know I was going to take a session on 'Developing A Rich Interactive Application (RIA) Using Silverlight.....' but I was unable to take the session due to various reasons such as tight schedule,unavailability etc .

For Your Ease I have Blogged The Info I was going to share about Silverlight during the HOL session. May be u get to know little bit/byte about Silverlight Through This  ..................

  • The First Question Comes To Mind That What Is Thing 'Silverlight' ?
If We See The Internet Definition " Silverlight Is A Cross Browser, Cross Platform Plug-In for delivering next generation of .NET  based Media Experiences and Rich Interactive Application (RIA) For Web."

  • Whats this cross browser,cross platform,RIA,etc. ? Not understable ....
In a simple human understable language " Silverlight is a tool through which Designersand Developers colabrate with each other more effectively using their excellent skills to develop or produce next generation web experience."

  • How Many Versions Of Silverlight Is Available ??????
Silverlight Was Previously Known As WPF/E ( E stands for Everywhere ) .
Silverlight 1.0 was release at first which had a XAML support.
The next And Current Version Is Silverlight 2.0 which C# as Programming Language.

  • Links To Know More About Silverlight .......
  1. http://silverlight.net - Official Site For Silverlight
  2. http://pendsevikram.blogspot.com - Blogspot Of Vikram Pendse, PUG Member  ... He Frquently Blogs About Silverlight.
  3. http://learnvisualstudio.net
  4. http://groups.msn.com/puneusergroup
  • Practical Demos/ Practical RIA Applications Online 
  1. http://silverlight.idvsolutions.com - Virtual Earth Using Silverlight
  2. http://photosynth.net - Photosynth Based On Seadragon Technology
  3. http://silverlight.metaliq.com/topbanana - Top Banana ( Very Nice )
  4. http://silverlight.net - Silverlight Official Showcase 

Thats All For Today Guys ...............................

Keep Visiting To get More Info About Silverlight ................................

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